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Data services applies

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New field security devices and packages available.

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Measurements of Real-Time events get our users better and deeper understanding

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If the sensor loses (Cellular/Satellite) connection, intelligent software will continue to log data and automatically re-connect when the connection is available again. You can receive a (notification/TEXT Message when the field device loses and regains connection.
You can configure devices to send any combination of text and/or email messages.
A smartphone is recommended but not required. You can receive text message alerts on any phone (even an older flip phone). Settings and history can be accessed from any web-capable device (PC/MAC, tablet, or any desktop computer). Log in from anywhere on any platform or on your phone with an APP.
Orders ship via USPS standard or Express within 24 hours of being placed (Limits Apply). Email [email protected] for more express shipping options. If there are any delays we will notify you. For more information on express shipping please contact our 24/7 customer service team at 800.265.5329 or sup[email protected].

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